Thank You, Crafty Bastards

    We spent Saturday in The Gulch area of Nashville at the Crafty Bastards Arts and Crafts Fair. The weather was perfect, the event was well-organized and the people that came out were super friendly and enthusiastic. We made some new friends and got to see some we had met recently (Hi, Scott!) We also met 2 or 3 people there from Louisville, KY which was cool because it's one of our favorite cities. 

    Usually right after a festival, our website traffic shows a real spike so I'm assuming there might be some new readers, too. If so, welcome and thanks for stopping by. I realized recently I tend to write each post as a continuation from previous posts, assuming you will just read them in order. I know that isn't always the case, so I want to tell any newcomers a few things.  

   Earlier posts cover the process that goes into the heads and also the story of how they came to be. And just funny stories from our life together. If you have questions like "Why does he use road kill?" Or "How are the boxes made?" I encourage you to go back to the beginning. Or feel free to contact David through the site, Facebook or Instagram. He has a super quick response time and is always happy to answer any questions. 

   If we met you at a festival, thanks so much for coming in. We love meeting you and having conversations.  

   Thank you, Nashville Scene/Crafty Bastards for having us and for the FANTASTIC vendors' lunch.  

   To our readers and collectors- thank you for your support! 

Elisabeth and David