Dallas (and David) I miss you

   David got a sweet comment from a friend that knew I wasn't coming to Dallas. I found it very touching and also, it reminded me that at least one person reads here. I need to get back to it!

  We've done Deep Ellum for 11 years now and it's always my favorite. So watching the loading up and seeing all the cool new stuff (not only heads-go check it out!) was difficult. I love being there and meeting new people, seeing old friends and of course, being part of our business. Dallas was our first ever show and it's hard to miss it. A new job had to come first though. 

   So David got to leave as early as he wanted, which was 3am. Last update I got he was dealing with West Memphis construction. Set up is this evening and now he has the jobs I normally do as well. I put the shelves together and put labels up, straighten the curtains and go on food/drink runs. I know he can do it all, but I hate not helping. Last year, we got to travel so much and I miss that. But this year is just a different kind of year.

I hope any of you in the area will get a chance to stop by and say hi. I think you'll love the new work. Some is from the show in L.A. and it is a whole new level. 

Have a great weekend, Deep Ellum!