In the Thick of It

Life is beyond crazy. 3 weeks ago, our van died on my way to work. I was right beside a parking lot and there was a huge storm coming. I managed to pull in with no problem, called my friend and went across the street to a lumber yard/ supply store just as the tornado siren went off in the town I was heading to for work. I stood awkwardly in the front of the store, while the employees and other men discussed the wind, Trump's speech the night before and various other topics. The sky was black and wood started blowing off the stacks. When it all died down, my friend picked me up and I went home so we could come up with a vehicle plan. 

That van has been our family vehicle and festival vehicle for 10 years. We knew we would need something with the same amount of cargo space and we didn't want another minivan. We settled on a truck and started the long exhausting process of vehicle shopping. First we rented a little car for the week. We drove to KY the following Monday to look at a truck and it didn't work out. I went to work the next day and David continued the search with his brother's help. A week later, we had our truck!

We lost a week of precious work time and knew this would mean doubling down to catch up. So here we are 3 weeks from our trip to Dallas, with a smaller show in 2 weeks. Our days now start at 6:30am and end at 9pm or so. If I'm not at work, I'm at home working on my side job or gluing paper in boxes to take some of the work load off David. It's the only thing I can contribute to the process.  

In the meantime, we got wait listed for the show in Virginia Beach and have applied to one in Louisville, KY in June. Another application closes soon. It's all a whirlwind at this point. We're making it happen and know it will all pay off. But boy, we're tired right now.  

We hope to see some of you at upcoming festivals! It makes it all worthwhile to get to travel and meet people who become friends.   

Thanks for reading!