Sorry for the Silence

   I had such high hopes for keeping on top of this blog. It works when we're traveling and I'm photographing our festivals and telling the stories. When we're home and life feels like everything is 100 miles per hour, it's harder for me.

    It's almost been a year since David went full-time with his art. It's been a year since I went to work part-time. The past year has been a blur between our youngest graduating, moving out, starting college. Then our oldest moved to another city and we've been accepted into more shows than we've ever done before. Now we have just over a month until we have our first show of the year and things are HECTIC around here!  

   We're waiting to hear back from a show we've dreamed of doing for a few years now. Last time we applied, we were wait listed. If we get in, not only will it be a fantastic business opportunity, but will also serve as a much-needed beach vacation so we are anxiously awaiting the jury's decision. Fingers crossed. If we aren't accepted, we have another backup show we are applying for and it is a in a really cool area. Not the beach, but somewhere we've wanted to visit.  

     I'm no longer making any promises about how often I'm going to blog. There's too much going on here and I know I can't commit to a certain frequency. But I hope to see some of you at upcoming shows! We're excited to get back to Dallas and to visit these new places we have on our calendar.  

   Thanks for reading~~