Sometimes, Love Finds You


This little girl showed up on our porch last Sunday. She was matted, dirty, scared and very persistent. She scratched on our door for a LONG time. We looked at each other, both hoping she belonged to someone and would run back home. But of course she didn't. She was like someone in a horror movie that runs onto a porch, yelling for help. And we knew.....we knew we would bring her in, give her a bath, fix what we could.  

   David spent 3 hours on her mats, trimming and clipping and shaving. He bathed her twice to make sure all the fleas are gone. The whole time, I was on my phone posting her photos and story in the area animal rescue group, hoping someone would say, "That's my dog I lost last year!" I got a lot of advice and offers to groom her for free, or foster her if necessary. One woman wanted her as her pet, but her husband wasn't on board. So, she's still here and her little personality is shining through. 

    This isn't a story to pat ourselves on the back. It's just a story to say that sometimes you aren't looking for more work or responsibility. But they find you anyway attached to an opportunity to end suffering that is right in front of you. It's a creature saying, "See me, help me, love me" just as clearly as if it spoke the words out loud. How do you say no? Yes, it's more work. It isn't a good time, there's too much going on, there isn't extra money. But when that little matted animal with horribly decayed teeth is now clean, trimmed, on medicine and curled up under a warm blanket asleep....the rest doesn't matter. We aren't always looking for love, but sometimes it's looking for us. 


P.S. We aren't keeping her. My best friend saw her picture on Facebook and said she hasn't stopped thinking about this dog. Her daughter has been wanting a dog and I have a feeling we may have just been the connection these two needed to find each other.