Storytime: College, Animation and the First Polymer Man, Part Two

   So, we loaded up the rented van with 2 kids, assorted toys and all our crazy ideas and headed north to see our new town. Oh, and the college. And to find a house to buy. Yes, I know. We were 27 or so and had a little college behind us. David was transferring as a non-traditional student which felt like a true understatement.

   We pulled into this tiny town with a lake in the middle of it and checked in to our motel. The girl at the desk, upon hearing that we were moving there, said, "WHY would anyone move HERE?" Ok. So far, so good. The next day, we went and met our new friends and as an introvert with a good dose of social anxiety, let me just say I was anxious. We drove past this little road that went down to the lake and drove to the other side of town. Their house was on the opposite side of the lake and I thought, "If I could live anywhere, it would be over there in that adorable neighborhood". It felt like an impossible dream.

    I don't remember touring the college, but I know we did. And we found a realtor who showed us 3 houses. This tiny town is known as a resort area and the population doubles with college students. So, housing wasn't terribly abundant. One house had the water heater in a little closet off the back of the house. Did I mention this town is up north? Where it snows 250 inches in one year? 

   Then we found it. The tiny (600 Sq ft tiny) house 2 blocks up from the lake, in that neighborhood I had gazed at longingly. We could see the glistening lake from our mailbox. It was a little brick house with real wood walls, not fake paneling. Basement. Backyard lined with mature pine trees. We loved it. In May, we went back up for the inspection and the inspector said, "If I were buying a house, I'd buy this one". June- another trip up to close. July- we loaded up a moving van with our entire life, including an upright piano, 3 cats and a dog, and moved to Edinboro,  PA on our 9th wedding anniversary. David drove the UHaul. I drove the car. We each had a kid. I had the cats, he had the dog. We pulled in at 2am, backing that huge truck in with all its beeping and noise and started a new life.