Storytime- The Scariest and Worst Trip

 **I know...this isn't the post I said I'd be doing. Or on the day I said I'd be posting it. I'm breaking every rule of good blogging and generally being flaky on here and I AM SO SORRY. I'm having a hard time juggling life, holidays, birthdays, business stuff and just being an adult. Thank you for your patience. Enjoy this storytime :)


A few years ago, probably 2013 or so, we were on our annual trip to Dallas for Deep Ellum. It was Easter weekend, which is usually a huge sales weekend for that festival. There is a big non-denominational Easter service at the festival and crowds are always record numbers. We were prepared for a great weekend. 

    Usually on Saturdays, we would walk to the Farmer's Market (Dallas Farmer's Market- check it out!) where we could sample all the delicious produce and meet the vendors there. There was a really nice lady there who told our son, "You come back in a few years when you're all grown up and let me see how you turned out. And listen to your Mama!" Anyway, we would walk and find things to do. We went to the grassy knoll and saw where President Kennedy was shot. We went to the Dallas Public Library where we saw the Constitution and an original piece of Shakespeare's work. It was always a fun adventure. 

   So this one Saturday, I had read about Thanksgiving Square.  

Wikipedia--"Thanks-Giving Square is a public-private complex in the City Center District of downtown DallasTexas (USA). Originally planned as the first of several traffic-relieving complexes in downtown Dallas, it was dedicated in 1976; at the time it was the first public-private partnership of its kind in Dallas. The complex consists of three components: a landscaped garden, a major section of the underground pedestrian network and the Bullington Truck Terminal. The City of Dallas leases the land and subsurface from the Thanks-Giving Foundation, but owns the underground structures." 


There's a beautiful park and a white spiral building that serves as a kind of sanctuary. Inside, the ceiling is a spiral of stained glass. It is truly remarkable and well-worth the walk downtown. We spent some time inside and then decided to head back. When we came out, there was some commotion nearby and we saw police cars. Someone nearby said, "There's a man with a gun!" I took our kids over to an area with a wall that separated us from where all the activity was and we waited there for a few minutes, then started making our way away from the area. There were police all around the entire block and we were shaken up. Later on the news, they said there had been a man on the roof of a parking garage and he was threatening to jump. Luckily, he didn't and there was no shooter. It's come up a few times since then and our kids always kind of chuckle at how I had them get down low behind a wall. But considering the numbers of active shootings we've had since then,  I stand beside my reaction 100%.

    The next day was Easter and we drove David into Dallas from Arlington. We were planning to spend the morning with family, having an Easter egg hunt before heading back to the festival. As we pulled into the driveway, my brother's dog ran out into traffic and....let's just say it was a bad weekend. Despite the fact that we had our largest number of sales at a festival, that was the worst festival weekend we ever had in Dallas. 

   Thanks for reading this sad story time. Just keeping it real for ya!