Storytime- Diamonds, Joints and Dollar Bills

   One of us tends to see every traveling opportunity as a chance to "see new things". The other, who shall remain nameless, is more of a "get there asap and you get to pee one time all day" kind of...person. So, one of us talked the other into stopping in Arkansas one time to visit Craters of Diamonds State Park. Ok, ok. It was my terrible idea. 

     We were on our way back from Texas anyway, I reasoned. It will be fun! It will be educational! We could get rich! So...we stopped our van with all our stuff on top of it and proceeded to go through whatever they have you do before you can go out in this field to look for diamonds. We were digging and it was SO HOT and dusty and no one was finding anything. Then I  found a dollar bill. So that was worth all the work. 

   We got back in the van and started driving again and I said, "Hey, look what I found. A dollar!" (I tend to be easily appeased). The dollar was rolled up and when I unrolled it, a half-smoked joint fell out onto my lap. Ummm...we had 2 kids in the back seat so I discreetly held it up for David to see, and then I put it on his leg. Right as a police car passed us. He said, "I DON'T WANT IT!" and put it back on my leg. So finally, I rolled down the window and tried to just casually toss it out. 

   Soon after, the one of us that collects road kill saw something he just couldn't pass up so we had to stop and get it. We then drove all the way home with a carcass wrapped up on top of our van. It's never boring, that's for sure. Almost makes me want to make another trip to the state park ;)

Thanks for reading!