Are We Crazy?

  We normally do a big show in Dallas each April and a pretty big show in Nashville in August. Sometimes we have a holiday show as well. This year, we went to Louisville, KY for 2 Flea Off shows and also to Bell Buckle, TN for a craft fair. But next year....we might be insane to be considering the plan we are cooking up.

    I don't want to "put the cart before the horse" so I won't be too specific. But next year's dream plan involves Florida in March, Atlanta and Louisville in April, Paducah (KY) in May...but June...oh boy, June might be TN one weekend, Virginia Beach one weekend (Hi, Tymm and Katie :)  and Athens, GA the next weekend. This doesn't sound too crazy, but TN would be Bonnaroo (if they'll have us) which involves being open 11am to 2am for four straight days. So, sleeping would be 3am or 4am until 9am maybe. And Virginia Beach is the following weekend and it's another 4 day show. We just think if you're gonna do something, DO IT BIG and pursue your dream.  July would be a slower month which might allow time for newer closer events like Chattanooga Market. August is always Tomato Fest, if we are accepted. And September we have been invited to do a new show in Louisville. 

    It's exciting to be branching out and seeking new opportunities, but it's also scary. Lots to figure out and of course, we are making a schedule with options built in because there is never a guarantee that we will get in to any of the above shows. But you have to dream, right?

  Wish us luck as we put together our calendar for jurying and start sending out applications!

Thanks for reading!