Storytime- The Best and the Worst

   Another story with no pictures, mostly to protect identities. We've done many festivals over the last 10 years and most of them have been great. Each one has unique characteristics that make it stand out. For example, Huffines was a festival north of Dallas and it took place in a shady park with a path through it. There were hay bales set up everywhere and we arrived at dawn to make our way through this beautiful magical setting. Hermitage Fest in Tennessee has a fantastic artist lounge and they provide lunch. Again, a beautiful park-like setting. These are the pleasant memories I hold on to :) But sometimes....there is a show.... a show that will forever have a place in the dark recesses of memory....

   I won't say where this took place except to tell you, we were FAR from home. Like 15 hours away. We traveled that far because many people told us it would be a good show for us. A "great fit" and we would "sell out!" Where should I begin. 

   It was HOT. And the booths were set up back to back and side by side so there was little to no air flow. The festival was on a main road in a major urban area and also happened to be on the strip with all the clubs and bars. So not only was there a constant stench of urine, but the bartenders came out regularly to dump the leftover beer ONTO THE SIDE OF THE STREET. So yeah. Bad smells.  

     This festival also had no amenities for artists, as in no bathrooms to use, nowhere to step into to cool off. Not even really an office if you had a complaint or a need of some kind. So....port a potties all weekend with no way to wash your hands. Did I mention the heat??? So David got hot at one point and almost passed out due to lack of a breeze and no escape. He ended up having to step into a bar and order something just to be able to sit and cool off. 

    So we're dirty, hot, exhausted, nauseous from the smells and there's no way to make it better. Might be worth it if the sales supported this kind of weekend. But no...we BARELY broke even.  It was truly the festival from HELL. I was walking around looking at work and mentioned to someone that we were also there selling. They asked where we were from and when I told them, they said, "Wow...You're far from home" and in that moment it hit me. WE WERE SO FAR FROM HOME FOR THIS TERRIBLE FESTIVAL. I think that show was kind of a turning point that made us realize that traveling that far isn't necessary and that we have other options. Other people do really well at this show and I'm glad for them. But I personally will never go back there. If David decides to try it again, I'll probably have him drop me off at a spa on his way out of town :) 

    Thanks for reading- 


I want to add- on the way back from Huffines, our son got the stomach flu. So we spent the whole drive with him puking into a bag while I tried to write a college paper on Teddy Roosevelt using books that were published in the early 1900's. We've had some trying times.