Highs and Lows

   This weekend, while we were driving and setting up for the Webb School Art and Craft Show, I started thinking about the pros and cons of this setup we have. Some parts are so fun and amazing and others are harder than you'd think.

   David has always wanted to be a full time artist and for him to stay home doing what he loves is a dream come true. But doing festivals can be grueling and exhausting. You're either traveling and staying somewhere for the weekend, or you're driving each day to set up. For the Webb show, we chose to drive the hour and a half each way instead of getting a hotel. The drive was pretty easy and it's beautiful in this area. But it meant getting up at 4:30am to make it here. We arrived in the dark and saw the sunrise as we set up. 

     This life also means being self-employed so we have the taxes and the budgeting issues that all self-employed people have. When you're sitting at a show, you're generally aware of your bills that are sitting at home. It always works out, but there's a lot of hustling going on as we grow our business and I work 2 part time jobs. There is also the constant awareness that as we age, this way of life could become more difficult. We're planning to jury for Bonnaroo next year and the thought of being open for sales 11am to 2am for 4 days....that's daunting.  

   None of this is meant to be complaining. I'm so thankful that this is where we are. I love sitting here meeting people, watching them discover David's work. I am aware though that this is a lifestyle with its own issues, good and bad. I don't think I would want to live any other way. Today I am tired and reflective so thanks for reading :) 

   Thank you to the Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce and the people of Bell Buckle who allow their little town to be taken over for the weekend. And thank you, ALWAYS, to those who support what David does with your kind words and your purchases. I didn't take many photos this weekend and this is my favorite. 



Donuts and coffee (and hardcore hair) first thing in the morning

Donuts and coffee (and hardcore hair) first thing in the morning